The Chinese Government has pledged to support Kenya in food production.
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said his Government will assist in seed production and irrigation.

He spoke when he met Deputy President William Ruto at his Harambee House Annex office.

“We believe that what should not happen to us should not happen to another person. Hunger is not good that’s why we will assist you improve food production,” Keqiang said.

He said Chinese companies will invest in agriculture technology in Kenya.

The Chinese Government also directed its Foreign Ministry and embassy in Nairobi to ensure the three million visitors to Kenya per year is realised.

“I have instructed our foreign minister and embassy here to make sure that visits by our people to your country reaches three million.”

The Deputy President said Kenya will expand food production through irrigation to ensure it has enough reserves.

Ruto also said the Government was modernizing its security equipment and infrastructure and asked the Chinese Government to assist where it can.

The Deputy President said Kenya was key to the region that is why it must have superb infrastructure and good security.

The two leaders also discussed the security situation in South Sudan and Somalia with China saying it will assist the region restore order in those countries.

Keqiang said President Salva Kiir had assured him that the ceasefire agreement signed two days ago in Addis Ababa will hold.

“China hopes to see stability in this region and we will assist in this endeavour.”

Ruto also took Keqiang on a tour of the National Youth Service. The Chinese Government also pledged to donate equipment to be used by NYS.

The premier said it was important for Kenya to have many of such institutes to train the youth to serve their country.

Keqiang left Kenya on Sunday night for China.