Saham Global through its office at Saham East Africa Ltd., Kenya and in cooperation with 1MoreTime Foundation and ABAC Holland.
We are of great pride and privilege to support Kenya Rural Agri Food Processing Project.

Kenya Rural Agri Food Processing project aims to uplift the lives of less fortunate people in Kenya specially those who are in rural areas where food and safe drinking water scarce are being experienced.

Mr. Jan Willem Van Es, Managing Director of Saham Star General Trading LLC, Dubai and Saham East Africa Ltd, Kenya stated that: "We are looking for Social Investors who are willing to participate in the rehabilitation of two villages in Kenya, one coffee/dairy farmers village in the South at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the other in the west, close to Lake Victoria. We have identified waste-to-revenue opportunities for rural food processing, which are supplied on a lease-to-own base. For each 10 Euro we change the life of 1 person - we will start phase one once we have the accumulated funds to involve 50,000 villagers. Investors with contributions over 1,000 Euro are repaid in 60 monthly annuities, including reasonable interest. The higher the contribution the more interest we are willing to allocate."

He continues: "We have already started the reforestation project in Seme, Nyanza, Western Kenya with the propagation of the first few Moringa trees, prior to turn corner of the shamba into a nursery. The seedlings will be used for the reforestation project along the 26km long river and many of its feeding sources, replacing useless bushes and wild vegetation, occupying good land without any value for the inhabitants."

He added: "The most priority project is the rehabilitation of Awach River. This river is running from Maseno Hills towards Lake Victoria over a 26km stretch. Despite the fact that there is virtually no industrial activity in this rural area of Western Kenya, the water is heavily polluted because of human and animal waste. For not more than Euro 2,50 per month per couple, we can process and supply every day 25 liter healthy drinking water, as per World Health Organization, European and USA Standards.

The local population, represented by the Awach River Water Resources User Association, has committed themselves to pay for the water once the equipment is installed. They will form a cooperative that will jointly operate the water processing plant and share responsibility for all operational expenses and monthly payment of the lease."

Mr. Jan Willem Van Es, Managing Director of Saham Global team ended the statement: "Saham would be donating 10% of its annual 2013 profit in support with this cause. We welcome anyone who are interested to donate, even how little or big amount. Your donations will also be used to mobilize the nursery and seedling propagation, a good source of work for the local people and a next step towards a future in prosperity."

Saham is a Dubai-based environmentally dedicated group, part of the Belselah Group of Companies, with branches in The Netherlands, Kenya and before year end in Saudi Arabia. Saham is dedicated to make a change the Green Way and educates various audiences whilst offering a variety of 40+ bio-active products combined with an unrivaled expertise on surface cleaning, sanitizing, waste treatment, leisure turf, public green, agriculture and horticulture.