Kenyan farmers to get seedlings

The Ministry of Agriculture has released 517 metric tonnes of assorted drought resistant crops seeds to be distributed to farmers in 99 constituencies in 31 counties across the country.
At a cost of over Sh104 million, the Ministry will also distribute 1.5 million cassava cuttings and 2.4 million sweet

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Traditional Kenyan restaurant attracts expats and tourists

International fast food outlets are thriving in Kenya, thanks to a growing middle class. This trend is however threatening the existence of traditional healthy foods. To fill this gap, Pamela Muyeshi quit her job in software development to open Amaica Restaurant, which offers authentic traditional foods, giving patrons a culinary journey through Kenya.

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Kenyan’s aim to get more out of a cuppa

While Kenyan tea exports are set to increase by four percent this year, a strategy has put in place to find other uses for the humble tea leaf.

The future is looking rosy for a Kenyan cup of tea with forecasts that exports are expected to grow by four percent to Sh116 billion in 2013.

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Exports Board Moves to Improve Tea Quality

Over 1,200 tea farmers have been trained in harvesting standards, a move tailored at improving quality and ensuring the crop fetches high premiums on the regional and international markets.

“Rwandan tea, especially the liquor type, is always the best at the Mombasa auction. However, traders always complain that they find foreign materials in the tea. With the skills gained, we hope the problem will cease,” said Francis Twagirayezu, the National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB) representative in Mombasa.

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