National Construction Authority says 18,000 contractors in Kenya registered

The National construction Authority (NCA) now says that 18,000 contractors from different fields in the construction industry in Kenya have been registered a move that it believes will boost safety in the industry.

Executive Director for National Construction Authority Mr. Daniel Manduku confirmed the reports and said that over 150,000 workers in the construction industry had been earlier accredited with an aim of enforcing order to the construction sector.

“We have now registered all contractors in Kenya and this move gives us the opportunity to regulate the industry in a structured manner with premium placed on safety of buildings and transfer of technology,” said Mr. Manduku.

He further pointed out that the National Construction Authority has up to 111 contractors in the NCA 1 category but is still working with other stakeholders and partners so as to raise the number.

“About 50 percent of the NCA 1 contractors are Kenyans but we need to increase this number so that many more Kenyan contractors can access bigger projects,” he said.

According to research, close to 80 per cent of Kenyans are categorized below NCA 4 because they lack enough manpower, finances and even equipment to undertake the big projects and the solution to have more Kenyans feature in the NCA 1 and the long term solution is through building the skills and capacities of local contractors in order for them to compete with other foreign contractors.

National Construction Authority is mandated to clear builders and contractors as a way of eliminating rogue contractors in Kenya and malpractices in building and construction.