Project to ease Mombasa-Nairobi highway traffic congestion underway

Traffic snarl ups along the Mombasa - Nairobi highway are expected to ease following drastic measures to address gridlocks like those experienced during the recent rains.

Speaking during an inspection tour of the Maji ya chumvi – Bachuma Gate road project, KeNHA special projects Manager Engineer Kefa Seda said that the recent gridlock will not be experienced again due to the mitigation measures taken.

“Previously the deviation that was there was 7km long 8.5m wide but right now as we speak it has been reduced to 2 km to ease traffic congestion, we also have traffic being monitored every 45 minutes so we expect all to be well going forward,” said Engineer Seda.

The Bachuma Gate - Maji ya chumvi road classified as A109 is 53.4 km long and covers Taita Taveta and Kwale counties of the coast region.

The road project starts at the entrance of Tsavo National park and ends at Maji ya Chumvi Bridge.

The project is a section of the Nairobi - Mombasa highway and runs through rapidly expanding centers which include Mackinon road, Meli kubwa, Taru and Samburu forming part of the Northern corridor, an international trunk road.

The construction of the Maji ya chumvi - Bachuma gate which has been recently delayed due to El Nino rains is expected to be completed in 24 months at a cost of Sh5 bilion.

The scope of works include construction of a main carriageway, realignment of minor roads at junctions, provision of vehicular access and access culverts for road side properties.

Other works include the construction of a new road over Rail Bridge, drainage structures, construction of six lorry parks at Samburu, Mackinon, Taru, provision of bus bays and road markings.

It is anticipated that improving the road will enhance domestic and regional trade and create job opportunities. It is also expected that reliable regional connectivity will accelerate regional integration.

Engineer Seda said that the Authority was adamant that works along the road project will be completed within the contract period.

“We are expecting construction works to be completed in November 2016”, Engineer Seda said.