Potholes in Kenya May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and if we needed a reminder of it then we got one. The combined efforts of Avery East Africa Ltd (AEA) and Velocity, a UK based emergency road repair and preventative maintenance company, we finally have a solution to those craters we call potholes that have been destroying all our vehicles and ruining pedestrians mornings when it rains. The new paving tech that is to be commissioned will see the reduction in the number of potholes and the ease of their repair.

The technology, named Velocity Road Patching, was launched on Tuesday and is the first of its kind in Kenya, and the region, but the 2nd in Africa after its successful application in South Africa. If South African roads are anything to go by, we may have hit the infrastructure jackpot with this one.

Depending on the size of the pothole, this technology can repair it in under 3 minutes, and in a single day 150 long-lasting repairs can be done. Overall this will not only increase efficiency in a sector that has been moving at an alarmingly slow rate when it comes to maintenance but also decrease the overall cost of road repairs. But wait, that’s not even the best part.

The machine that is capable of doing all this costs Ksh 50 Million (Only). If you’ve ever read a tender for basic road repairs, and seen the mark up, then I think we can be in agreement about how much cheaper this may all be. I don’t mind that 30% tax cut if it goes to buying equipment that can ensure less wear and tear on legs and Land Rovers.

Kenya has now become the second African country to adopt the new technology after South Africa.