Ford, one of the world's largest auto makers, has its operations active in a lot of countries, both developing and developed. The USA-based auto maker has developed its global strategy with a handful of cars that sell in huge numbers. At present, it is performing really well in India as Ford EcoSport has virtually taken the market by storm. Now, according to reports, the Blue Oval has announced launch of 17 new vehicles over the next 24 months. As indicated, this move is an attempt from the company to facilitate growth in regions like Middle East and Africa.

With the all-new business unit 'Ford Middle East and Africa', the company plans to reshuffle its operations through these regions, thereby expanding its reach. This unit of the company in Middle East and Africa shall be responsible for 47 markets in which Ford has its representation.

Reports underline that Middle East and Africa regions have been chosen by Ford for many reasons. According to statistics, these regions have witnessed a growth rate of 60 per cent in past four years. Notably, this figure is a combined number of Ford and Lincoln wherein the latter is a division of the Ford Motor Company. Other reasons include rebuilding the customer base in Middle East and Africa regions, bringing new cars for customers and supporting Ford’s dealer network to service customer needs. Jim Benintende, President, Ford Middle East and Africa, commenting on the same, said, “Our intention is to grow the Ford business while staying true to our principles of being active and supportive members of the community in the Middle East and Africa,”.

To back the aforementioned announcement Stephen Odell, President, Ford of Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, “The Middle East and Africa is poised to become one of the next big automotive growth markets and we want to be there for these customers with great new cars and trucks,” Also, in another statement he was quoted saying “Ford and Lincoln sales have grown 60 percent in the Middle East over the past four years, and we expect total industry sales in the combined Middle East and Africa region to increase nearly 40 percent to around 5.5 million units by 2020.”

According to company sources, the popularity of Ford and Lincoln vehicles is backed by the immense customer confidence and a massive dealer expansions across the region. As indicated by reports, numerous Ford dealers have opened new facilities in various markets in the past three months alone, including Al Tayer Motors with its new dealership in Sharjah, UAE. In order to serve the expanding Ford and Lincoln customer base, presently, there are more than 60 new Ford and Lincoln sales and service facilities in operation.

Among the 17 new vehicles to be launched by Ford in the next 24 months are new Fusion sedan and EcoSport compact Sports Utility Vehicle. This recent announcement reportedly coincided with the Dubai International Motor Show, where Ford revealed its latest compact SUV 'EcoSport' and all-new sedan Fusion. The company also points to the Fusion as one car that will be redesigned for the Middle East region. Another Ford concept that the Middle East customers are likely to see in the future is Atlas, sources have claimed.