A Spanish research institute has signed a deal with the Bungoma government to boost agriculture.

Governor Kenneth Lusaka signed the agreement with IRTA, an agricultural researchinstitute owned by the government of Catalonia on Tuesday in Spain.

IRTA will provide technological know how and funds to support the agricultural sector in Bungoma county, Lusaka said.

Lusaka is leading a delegation from the county government on a nine-day tour of variors cities in Spain.

Speaking to the star on the phone from Catalonia, Spain, Lusaka said the deal will boost food production in the county.

"This partnership will be of great benefit to the farmers in Bungoma. They will be taught modern farming methods and technologies that guarantees higher productivity. This will increase their earnings," he said.

Areas of interest in the partnership include fish farming, marketing of agricultural produce, knowledge-based research to sustain production through science based approaches, fruit farming and environmental horticulture, Lusaka said. "As a county, we need to practice diversified agriculture by adopting knowledge-based approaches that guarantee high production, an area IRTA is famously known for," he said.

Lusaka said the agreement is timely because the county has embarked on raising agricultural standards through free and subsidised farm inputs.

The partnership will also focus on technology and markets.

IRTA's business deployment manager Cristobal Aquilera said the institute's partnership with Bungoma will boost the living standards of residents.

"This MoU marks the beginning of possibly a long-term partnership and as a corporation, we are ready to support Bungoma county through research, appropriate technology and funding in ensuring diversified and productive farming," he said.