Kenya seeks partnership with private sector to grow economy

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday said his government will work closely with the private to grow the economy despite internal and external challenges.

Kenyatta said increased involvement of private companies in improving the volume and value of economic activity in the country would boost ongoing efforts to foster rapid development.

"These actions will improve trust in the public institutions that we represent; and which, in turn, we expect to outlive us and become our legacy," he said when he officially opened PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) new ultra-modern office complex in Nairobi.

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More Domestic Tourists Visit Coast Hotels

Hoteliers have reported a busy Christmas season, coupled with a higher demand for bed and breakfast booking compared to a similar period last year. Mtwapa based Lambada Holiday Resort said business from domestic tourism, fueled by the festive season, has increased by 20 per cent over December 2012 season to stand at an estimated 50 per cent in bookings this period.

"Business is still low compared to how it was in 2010 and 2011 Christmas holidays, but I would say it is better than last year's Christmas season when booking was very low due to terror based insecurity and the general election mood," Lambada Holiday Resort director Julius Kamau said.

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Kenya: Why Obama Has Invited Uhuru to USA

THE White House yesterday said President Obama would invite President Uhuru Kenyatta to Washington for a summit in August.

Uhuru is still technically an ICC indictee although there is widespread speculation that his delayed trial at the Hague is about to collapse.The indictment is one reasons why Obama is yet to visit the homeland of his late father as president despite visiting Tanzania on an African tour last year.

Obama will invite 47 African nations that are currently in good standing with the United States or are not suspended from the African Union.

Egypt, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Guinea Bissau will not be invited.

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Nine new global hotel chains eye Nairobi

Kenya is set to host nine new international hotels which are planning to put up 1,437 hotel rooms to cater for growing demand for travel and accommodation in the country. This comes on the back of increasing interest by international hotel brands seeking to set base in Nairobi.

A study released last week by W Hospitality Group, a member of Hotel Partners Africa shows that there are 40,000 hotel rooms planned for construction on the African continent between now and 2017 with 1,437 to be put up in Nairobi.

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