Kenya’s Pan Paper Mill now reopens in September

Kenya’s paper maker Pan Paper Mill factory will now reopen in mid September, General Manager Y. V Choudray has confirmed. The paper factory located in the western part of Kenya has been facing challenges in acquiring new machinery and upgrading thus pushing back the re-opening date.

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Kuguru to set up Sh2bn sanitary towels plant in Nairobi

Businessman Peter Kuguru has ventured into the sanitary pads business, with plans to set up a Sh2 billion manufacturing plant in Nairobi.

Mr Kuguru, who is better known for his Softa beverages company, says he has diversified into the new business line to tap growing demand for the towels.

He has registered a subsidiary, Sanitary Pads and Diapers International, which is jointly owned with a group of foreign investors.

The businessman is currently importing the All Whites sanitary pads from China, having won the franchise to sell the towels locally.

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Recycling in Kenya now a booming business

The collection of plastic wastes is becoming a lucrative business for some people in Kenya. Though not all of these collectors know exactly what these plastics they gather and sell out are used for, they consider it a livelihood.

Currently, plastic is being given a new lease of life in Kenya as they are recycled into poles for construction and road signs, a new technique, slowly changing Kenya's landscape.

The plastics are melted and used to make poles for construction and road signs. The concept is still new in Kenya - and expensive given the manufacturing costs - but the poles are slowly changing the landscape.

Jumia Kenya launches online marketplace

Jumia Kenya recently launched Online Marketplace that will empower small, medium and large business enterprises by allowing them to sell their products directly to the company’s large customer base. The platform which operates on familiar criteria, where sellers decide what to sell, at what price, upload a picture of the item and create a description of the product before the product goes live on the company’s website This is meant to transform your local shop into a national shop and ensure wider reach and audience.

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