BMW Sponsors Locally Supported 3D Printed, Auto Design

The automotive industry is conservative and doesn’t take enough responsibility in emerging markets. Thus, countries such as China and India have experienced huge problems with pollution as they have increased their living standards and entered the western consumption society. In these booming economies there are still people who live their lives according to old customs, in small sustainable societies. It is also they who suffer most from the ongoing urbanization.

Hence the automotive industry should rather adapt to their cultures than let these people adjust to the consumption society.

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Flame Tree Group of Mauritius to List 15% Stake on Kenyan Bourse

Flame Tree Group, a Mauritian manufacturer of water tanks and cosmetics, will list 15 percent of its shares on the Nairobi Securities Exchange ahead of a potential rights issue within the next two years.

“We intend to list in the final quarter of the year” on the Growth Enterprise Market segment of the exchange, Edward Burbidge, chief executive officer of Burbidge Capital, Flame Tree’s adviser, said in a phone interview from Nairobi today.

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'Fab Lab' Igniting Revolution in Kenya

The University of Nairobi’s Science and Technology Park is banking on 3-D prototyping to spark a manufacturing revolution in the country.

This is the 3D MakerBot printer in action. The machine is a scanner that prints three-dimensional objects of almost any shape from electronic data -- using plastic as its raw material. This drastically reduces costs.

Twenty-one year old Alois Mbutura is a first-year electrical engineering student at the University of Nairobi.

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CBK floats new currency printing tender

The Central Bank of Kenya ( CBK) has floated an international tender for printing of paper money (banknotes). The tender closes on July 8 and is open to eligible bidders and joint ventures. According to tender documents posted on its website, the applicants must have an average annual turnover over the last five years of $150 million.

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