Drugs firm injects Ksh1bn in 4 new medicines

Laboratory & Allied has launched new medicines in the East African market to help alleviate various conditions. The pharmaceutical company has invested Kshs1 billion towards the development and launch of the four new medicines as the company celebrates 45 years since inception.

Laboratory & Allied CEO Suprakash Mandal said the four medicines have also been laucnhed in Tanzania and Ethiopia. “Out of these, 30% has been directed towards increasing production capacity, an additional 30% towards packaging and 40% towards registration of the products in the respective countries,” said Mr Mandal.

The new medicines are Diagone Kit, for the management of diarrhoea in children under the age of five years; Heligone – a three drug combination for the treatment of H-Pylori infections; Gynagone, a three drug combination for treatment of gynecological infections; and Sucra, an artificial sweetener for diabetics and calorie conscious people.

The launch of the four new medicines is part of the expansion strategy in the East African market the pharmaceutical company announced in April this year. Lab &Allied Ltd is a fast growing pharmaceutical and manufacturing company dealing in the production of both human and veterinary products and committed to building a next generation of generics drugs locally and regionally.

The local firm is based in Kenya with operation in other countries which includes Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Malawi, Botswana and Zambia.