Indian medical firm picks Nairobi for first Africa office

An Indian healthcare firm will next year open its first African office in Nairobi to offer information to the growing number of East Africans seeking medical care in Asian hospitals.

FrontEnders will offer advice and logistics support that will see patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer access treatment at top Indian hospitals.

The firm is seeking to tap into the growing medical tourism that has seen India emerge as a favourite destination for patients from Kenya and other Afican countries seeking cost-effective healthcare.

It will earn a fee from Indian hospitals in which local patients will be checked in for treatment.

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Private Sector Urged to Support Health Workers' Training

The government on Tuesday called for help from the private sector as they try to solve the problem of shortage of trained health workers. Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi said this problem is caused by varied financial constraints facing students willing to pursue medical

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Meridian Medical Seeks Sh800 Million From NHIF Deal

Meridian Medical Centre has sued the National Health Insurance Fund to be compensated with more than Sh800 million for breach of contract.

The facility which was mentioned in the recent NHIF scandal has said the parastatal terminated its contract without issuance of

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