Kenya: KTDA to Build One Billion Plant - kenyadetails
Kenya Tea Development Agency

THE Kenya Tea Development Agency will construct a Sh1 billion hydro-power generating plant company, it was revealed yesterday. The Settet Power Generation Company will be constructed in two phases on Itare and Kipsonoi rivers in Bomet county, said company chairman Andrew Langat. So far, KTDA members have raised Sh123, 278,862 for the project.


During the KTDA annual general meeting, Langat said Litein, Kapkatet, Kapkoros, Kapset, Tegat, Momul and Mogogosiek factories have contributed money for the project. "We are optimistic that the projects will be completed once the tender is awarded in September this year," Langat said Langat further said a consultant by the name Graeme Associate has signed a contract and the site has been handed over.


Mogogosiek board of directors Chairman Ronald Ngeny said that existing land dispute between KTDA and some members of the community over the locality of the site will be resolved. Formation of a different hydro power by name of Iriamaina company sparked the dispute. Itare has 2.2 MW generation capacity and is going to cost Kshs 508.6 million while Kipsonoi with 1.7 MW is expected to cost Kshs 532.7 million. Langat noted that with the country's vision 2030, the company intends to embark on other viable hydro power projects within the catchment and other forms of energy generation in areas of wind, solar, combined heat and power and geothermal.


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