African Power Generation Limited (AfGen), an affiliate of Gasol plc, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ghana National Gas Company Ltd to undertake projects that seek to supply additional gas to Ghana

AfGen and Ghana Gas have entered into the agreement aiming to ensure longer and secured gas supply to improve Ghana’s power generation deficit in the long-term and prevent the need for electricity rationing.

“We are very pleased that Ghana Gas has agreed to explore collaboration with AfGen in a broadly defined partnership, including the importation and supply of non-indigenous gas to customers in Ghana, thereby assisting in bridging the Ghanaian gas deficit for power generation, serving industrial and mining users, and assisting in progressing the government of Ghana’s ‘Better Ghana Agenda,’” said Gasol COO Alan Buxton.

“We look forward to developing the relationship established which is a platform for building a mutually beneficial and long term partnership.”

Gasol has marketed natural gas in other West African countries in the past, including Benin and Togo, and will now partner with AfGen to build a strategic relationship with Ghana Gas, it said.

Gasol plc will carry out projects in Ghana with an aim to supply gas in the country and improve power generation.

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