An initiative dubbed “Kijiji Solar” aimed at providing rural areas with electricity has been launched. The programme which will constitute the use of solar panels and batteries to provide green energy to rural areas was launched by Plexus Energy.

The initiative will benefit the rural people since it is accessible and cheap .The cost of the product shall be Sh30,000 to power three lights, radio and phone charging, Sh60,000 to power five lights, TV, radio and phone charging, Sh90,000 to power 10 lights, TV, radio and phone charging and Sh120,000 to power 10 lights, TV, radio, phone charging and a fridge.

This initiative will help reduce the dependence on the power grid while also creating more job opportunities in the rural areas. “Our country will not experience high levels of economic growth, when majority of the households lack adequate and reliable supply of energy” Plexus Energy CEO Charlene Maina.

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