KenGen plans to add another 450 MW to grid in three years

NAIROBI: Power producer Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) plans to add another 450 megawatts (MW) to the grid from wind and geothermal in the next three years at a cost of at least $710 million (Sh71b), its chief executive said yesterday.

Kenya, which relies heavily on renewables such as geothermal and hydro power, aims to expand installed capacity to about 6,700 MW by 2017, from about 2,500 MW now. It also aims to halve bills from around $0.17-0.18 per kWh in three or four years.

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KenGen plans a 400MW wind farm in Meru

Power generator KenGen is to build a 400-megawatt wind power plant in Meru beginning next year.

The first phase of the project that will generate 100 megawatts (MW) will cost $270 million (Sh26.5 billion) and is to be completed before the end of 2017.

Two financiers, French Development Agency (AfD) and German Development Bank (KfW), are in the country conducting due diligence on the project before committing financial support.

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Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm to generate a fifth of its power

Kenya set in motion the construction of Africa’s biggest wind power farm this week, near Laisamis, 550km north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Known as the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, the wind farm site covers 40,000 acres (162km2), which will be powered by the ‘Turkana Corridorwind.’ It is a low-level jet stream originating from the Indian Ocean and blows all year round.

The project will consist of 365 turbines and expected to achieve 68% load capacity factor, which will make it the most efficient wind power farm in the world.

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KenGen strikes 375MW from new geothermal wells

Electricity generating company KenGen is set to boost its geothermal output following the discovery of steam wells that can generate up to 375 megawatts at its Olkaria fields.

The wells will be used to develop three power plants with total capacity of 350MW.

KenGen said it would continue to drill wells to supply steam for an additional 70MW unit at the recently commissioned Olkaria I unit four and five plants.

“The available steam is 374.7MW. This is for Olkaria 1 Unit 6, a single unit of 70MW to be constructed at Olkaria 1. Available steam for this plant is 84MW,” said KenGen’s director for geothermal development, Abel Rotich.

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