Geothermal energy to solve Kenya’s power shortage

Geothermal power whose potential is enormous in Kenya is one of the country’s major economic resources as it grapples with the implementation of vision 2030 development blue- print.

Kenya is estimated to produce 15,000 MW from hot springs and out of that, Baringo County is capable of producing 3,000 MW. Baringo County is therefore sitting on a major economic resource that will produce cheap and clean electricity which will propel the country into a golden economic age.

Dr. Silas Simiyu, Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC) managing director said the water which will be generated from the processes of generating electricity can be used for irrigation and to   supplement rain-fed agriculture.

The GDC has established that the county could produce 3,000 MW of power around lakes Bogoria and Baringo. The area is called the Bogoria-Silale block, which comprises of lakes and Arus, Korosi, Chepchuk, Paka and Silale.

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Introducing Solar-Powered Sanitation At Kakuma, Kenya

World Water Day focuses attention on the link between water supplies and energy needs. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kenyan partners are working on a project to use solar energy to improve sanitation for 100,000 refugees.

Human life requires water. Less obvious is the amount of energy required to maintain water supplies; pumping, distributing and sanitation are all energy-intensive activities. World Water Day 2014 draws attention to the connection between water and energy, advocating water and sanitation solutions that integrate the demand for both commodities.

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KAM Gets Sh239 Million to Promote Green Energy

KENYA Association of Manufacturers has obtained more funds from the French Development Agency(AFD) to finance technical and feasibility study assistance to investors eyeing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

This follows growing interest in this sector after it emerged that the first phase of a similar funding project attracted many proposals and successfully initiated projects which have so far been able to generate 22 megawatts in total.

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Govt Seeks Coal Power Plant Investors

The government is seeking experienced private investors to develop a 900-1000 Megawatts (MW) coal fired power plant in Kitui under an Independent Power Producer framework. The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum says the investor will be involved in developing the plant and selling power under a Power Purchase Agreement.

The Kitui power plant is expected to be constructed by December 2016 and will use coal from Mui Basin. The project is part of the government's ambitious plan to raise the power generation capacity by 5000MW by 2016.

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